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1 dwkey commented Permalink

When running ACOBOLProject build, I always experienced the error message stating "ACOBOLProject.eglbld" is not found. <div>&nbsp;</div> In the ACOBOLProject/build/build.xml you didn't provide buildDescriptorfile and buildDescriptorname information. I suppose it will pick up the default value , but it doesn't work in my environment. <div>&nbsp;</div> BTW, what's the RBD/RTC/Buildtoolkit level in your sample. <div>&nbsp;</div> Please advise, thanks !

2 HuangJiYong commented Permalink

When you run in "Generate by part" mode, you don't have to specify buildDescriptorfile and buildDescriptorname. But when you run in "Generate the main part and its associates" mode, which is the default mode, you have to specify buildDescriptorfile and buildDescriptorname.
You can change the mode by the following script to switch to "Generate by part" mode.
preferencevalue="false" />

Please refer to the help doc for more information.