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1 NikolaGereci commented Permalink

I tried implementing it in an application I'm currently working on, and it works kind of funny. I had to use Box instead of Div because the list was rendering all over the place. IE also renders it funny, one minute it displays normally, the other its ultra thin if it contains only one item. Firefox doesnt have that kind of problem.

2 NikolaGereci commented Permalink

Correction: it renders all over the place in IE and in Firefox. The widget in which i defined this one has paddings and margins defined, and it looks like they throw the positioning off. i tried fidgeting with the showOptionsList() function, but with no result.

3 bsvihovec commented Permalink

Nikola,<div>&nbsp;</div> Can you post a small example RUIHandler that shows the behavior you are seeing with the widget?<div>&nbsp;</div> -Brian

4 KendallCoolidge commented Permalink

Hi Brian,<div>&nbsp;</div> This is a very nice piece of work, and it helps me understand Delegates better. I am having some trouble, though, and it sounds very much like what Nikola is experiencing: the list appears far away from the text field - not directly underneath as in your sample. I have created an example which shows this behavior, however I don't see how to upload my sample to your blog post. Is there a way I can send it to you?<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks much,<br /> Ken