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1 Ortwin commented Permalink

Hi Justin, <div>&nbsp;</div> Regarding question 2, I think one only wants the application to suspend at the moment when the value of the variable in the global condition is changed and the condition is met and not on any subsequent lines for the variable is not changed at the moment the line is executed. However in my opinion when x becomes 6 and then 5 again the application should suspend again. <br /> If that's the behavior then I don't see no use for a property to change that behavior. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for asking.

2 jspadea commented Permalink

Hi Ortwin, <div>&nbsp;</div> That type of behavior sounds similar to what Eclipse calls watchpoints. Watchpoints are essentially breakpoints on variables. For example in the Java debugger there are two types of watchpoints: suspend when the variable is being accessed, and suspend when the variable is being modified (you can enable both types on a variable). <div>&nbsp;</div> We haven't added this feature to the EGL debugger yet, though we're aware of how useful it would be. Yours is a great use case to keep in mind!

3 Chuckle commented Permalink

That type of behavior sounds to me, that this is exact what is Eclipses watchpoints. Watchpoint management is very time safety for my every day work. <div>&nbsp;</div> kind regards <br /> Alrich from