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1 Paul_Hoffman commented Permalink

The wording is a little obscure here. Previously Cobol generation did not support invocation of stored procedures using the open statement (i.e. invocation of stored procedures that returned a result set). Invocation of stored procedures using the open statement is now supported in Cobol as well as Java and Debug.

2 rost commented Permalink

In New features in version 7.5.1 I see Support for calling SQL stored procedures - includes new keyword to support the calling of SQL stored procedures from within EGL-generated COBOL.<div>&nbsp;</div> After reading Help &gt; EGL Programmer's Guide &gt; Working with SQL statements &gt; Calling a stored procedure I find only open and execute statements.<div>&nbsp;</div> If I remember correctly, open and execute statements were available in RBDe 7.0. Not sure about newer versions of RBD.<div>&nbsp;</div> So, what is the new keyword for calling stored procedures ?<div>&nbsp;</div> Robert