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1 DuncanSeidler commented Permalink

We recently held a Webcast on this topic please chack it out and let us know what you think!

"Empower RTC Teams with Process; Reduce Risk & Waste "
Webcast Recording:

2 Hazel Woodcock commented Permalink

In the '80s and '90s we had a yard of paper process documentation in every department. Carefully arranged ring binders all neatly labeled and all rigorously checked immediately before an impending audit.
The increased complexity we now see in product and in process are offset by the improvement in process repository tools.
Delivering the relevant process information as close as possible to the point of use has got to help, but the information delivered has to be correct.
Interesting subject - should we take this topic for a Virtual Roundtable and get a discussion going? Implementing processes, or a compare and contrast the process requirements of different industry standards?

3 MaureenMonte commented Permalink

Hi Hazel! Forgive the late reply - I think a virtual roundtable would be fabulous - process is an enterprise wide, industry wide challenge - we'd love to include more. In addition, our own process Rock Star, Steve Nykerk, is presenting on these challenges on Feb 27 -
click here for more information! :-) Thank you!