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1 Lauren Schaefer commented Permalink

Some helpful links for after attending the webcast: <div>&nbsp;</div> dev@Pulse Lab 1 about JazzHub and BlueMix: <br /> dev@Pulse Lab 9 about JazzHub and Mobile Quality Assurance: <div>&nbsp;</div> Article about the Sentiment Analysis Application: <div>&nbsp;</div> Kate Hauser's JazzHub webinar from February 27: <div>&nbsp;</div> About Mobile Quality Assurance: <div>&nbsp;</div> Follow JazzHub on Twitter: <br /> Like JazzHub on Facebook: <br /> (Don't forget to look for the Starfighter demo video!) <div>&nbsp;</div> Follow Lauren on Twitter:

2 jl.marechaux commented Permalink

The session has been recorded and is available on YouTube: Link to recording: