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I have a desire to see many of the features of the COBOL 2002 standard, as well as a few from the "proposed" follow-on to the standard. Are you wanting to see an RFE for each particular desired feature? (There are a lot of them!) What else is of use in an RFE? Examples? Justifications?

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I want to see COBOL evolve beyond the 80-character mentality. <br /> I'm trying to advocate products like RDz. However, using RDz for COBOL code looks hideous; columns 1-6 reserved, column 73-80 reserved. Column 7 essentially reserved. <br /> IT IS WAY PAST TIME THAT COBOL grow up and become a language that is no longer bound by (not 80 but 66,) column mentality. <div>&nbsp;</div> It is of course time also to create a simple path to the web from 3270 or 5250 interfaces.

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Roo0407, <div>&nbsp;</div> I could not agree more. <div>&nbsp;</div> Frank