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1 Yasser_Abduallah commented Permalink

There is no single sign on available between the 2 products.
There are 2 ways you can launch Operator view from within WebGUI
1) Deploy the Operator View into WebGUI 7.3.0 (please note that 7.3.1 is not supported)
Follow the instruction in the following link:
NOTE: This method will only display the operator view until the time you deployed it. Any changes to Impact OV will not take effect and you need to redeploy

2) Disable the operator view login so that it doesn't prompt you for login any more. create a tool in the AEL to lunch the operator views using the link: http://server:port/opview this link will show the entire operator view.
Or you can go deeper by specifying the full link to a specific view:
http://server:port/opview/displays/<CLUSTERNAME>-<OV Name="Name">.html
Or you can pass arguments that are fed from within the AEL tool:
http://server:port/opview/displays/<CLUSTERNAME>-<OV Name="Name">.html?Node=@Node&Summary=@Summary</OV></CLUSTERNAME></OV></CLUSTERNAME>

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