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Seems like most of the resources here are for TIP 2.1. It's great to have them, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of value eventually. The reality is though ... there's very little TIP 2.1 in the field and a LOT of TIP 1.1. We could use more tips/tricks etc. specifically oriented toward getting the most out of TIP 1.1 (until we can upgrade!)

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Sorry for delayed response. I will try to get TIP 1.1 contents here as well.

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I just now deployed TIP 1.1 and will be testing 2.1 soon.

Biggest complaint I am getting right now is the lack of passthrough authentication for iframe web sites. We have been using the SSO authentication for the old Netcool Portal and the users just had to sign into the Netcool Portal once and all the other tabs/sites performed the authentication on their behalf. As an administrator I just predefined the users roles and username/passwords for the different applications. The TIP does not have this functionality and the users are forced to reauthenticate to each web site application (including non-TIP supported Netcool applications). This lack of SSO passthrough authentication is a huge black eye for the Tivoli administrators. I don't see this functionality in newer versions. Is it???? Please?
Our IBM support and sales do not seem to grasp the pain.

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We have decided to no longer use this blog for comments as the message board is a better tool. Please use our message board to post comments about TIP:

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