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1 David Marshak commented Permalink

Please note: All of the capabilities shown here are to solicit comments. They do not necessarily represent a committed feature set. Nor is there yet anything available to try for yourself.

Please add your comments here or in the discussion area...or send them directly to Todd or me.
Also, please join the community and/or contact Todd or me directly to be notified of opportunities for participating in early evaluation and feedback programs.

2 Drew@Fosbury.co commented Permalink

Hey Todd and David,

Your friends at Fosbury are excited to share the space and push the mobile wallet world forward. We've built out the capabilities for Apple Passbook, Google Wallet, using proximity marking with the latest iBeacons, as well as Advertising integration. We'd be happy to share thoughts and lessons learned and look forward to getting to know you.
Drew Giovannoli
Marketing and Operations Manager

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