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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Very cool Daryl! I will be following to see folks post!

2 brenny commented Permalink

This is great Daryl. We are doing a bunch of things at the Research Triangle Park location. Wonderful idea to collect stories around this to see what the collective impact is.

3 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Daryl, a lot of us at IBM RTP NC are preparing meals today as part of the Stop Hunger Now on-site day long event to commemorate IBM's 100 years. I'm looking forward to hearing about what others are involved with.

4 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

@thartric can't wait to hear what you've been up to!

5 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Feliz cumpleanos, IBM! <br /> Remarkable milestone that has only been achieved by 486 currently publically traded US companies (out of more than 5,000). More impressively, the 1st US public company to do so in the technology sector!