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1 DanTheCognosGuy commented Permalink

This is great! thanks, i've been pondering how this can be achieved for quite some time. FYI event studio seems to have difficulty achieving this bursting method when attached reports are PDF, however the example you gave where the report is rendered in the HTML body works perfectly. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again

2 NickMann commented Permalink

Great! what are the symptoms of the pdf attachment problem... I'll investigate. <br /> Nick

3 SkydiveDallas commented Permalink

Hey Nick, <div>&nbsp;</div> How is the connection being made between the Query that Event Studio is doing and the report? As an example: We have 3 managers with 5 employees each. Each Employee has a one page report that they receive showing their sales data a few different ways. The managers would like to receive one email per sales rep with a subject that says "Sales Report for [rep name]". So each manager in this case would get 5 emails. <div>&nbsp;</div> The burst group would be the sales rep and the burst recipient would be the manager. <div>&nbsp;</div> When I do this and then "Run with options" everything works. The managers get 5 emails but they cannot differentiate between those emails (who each is for). <div>&nbsp;</div> So to give them a subject that reflects who it is for we move to Event Studio. I don't actually care about an event as this is just used to schedule so let's just say we go with 1=1. Then we put the report task in setting burst and PDF. Then add the email task to email to the same field as the burst recipient. I put the "Sales Report for [rep name]" into the subject of the email. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now event studio is apparently going to have to query the database for the fields for the TO and SUBJECT. This is the point where I would expect some kind of connection between the report and the event because there are multiple reports per email... <div>&nbsp;</div> When I run the agent the report output in Cognos Connection is what I would expect. It breaks the report into each sales rep. When I then check the emails it seems like it 15 emails (to each manager for each rep) but then attaches all of the report output PDFs to the emails. So the email subject looks perfect but what's attached is completely wrong. <div>&nbsp;</div> When I then switch to HTML instead of PDF I get a totally different behavior. In this case I get all of the emails I would expect to get but the HTML attachment when opened simply says: CNC-DS-0008 No output available for: 2012-11-27T22:36:25.566Z <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm completely at a loss so any thoughts you have would be GREATLY appreciated. <div>&nbsp;</div> Eric

4 NickMann commented Permalink

Hey there <br /> Event studio creates and "agent" which when run will firstly run its own list report. the filter of the report is from the condition page, in your case 1=1 and will include a column for each data item included in the tasks. In your case rep_name and recipient. All rep names and recipients will be included in the results to the agent. Then the agent runs the burst report to generate its output, which are saved in content manager. when the email task is run it will firstly create an email subtask for each combination of recipient and subject for the result set it has. <br /> Now it will try to match the attachment burst outputs to each of the email subtasks. <div>&nbsp;</div> The multiple attachments for each email may well be because the event studio agent does not include a data item to match the burst key of the report and the algorithm to match the output to the email is failing. This sounds like an enhancement request to me. <div>&nbsp;</div> The No Output Available is most likely because you need to re add the attachment to the email after you change the output type, the email at runtime is probably still looking for a pdf attachment stub. That part, if I'm right, is an enhancement / bug. <div>&nbsp;</div> For a more detailed analysis of your issue, you would need to create an information request including a deployment and further details, but feel free to reply here. <div>&nbsp;</div> Nick <br />

5 ripcam commented Permalink

Hi <div>&nbsp;</div> I have also experienced the same issue with event studio and bursting PDF reports. I am using Cognos 10.1.1 and after a lot of searching around, I found a link that mentions issues with 10.1.1 and email addresses being assigned leading and trailing spaces. To test the issue, I used the function Trim ( both , [Burst Email]) in both report studio and event studio and this fixed the issue. It might work for you. <div>&nbsp;</div> See link http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1PM82125

6 AmyBihl commented Permalink

Nick, <br /> Your document is lovely. I greatly appreciate that you explain how the parts work rather than just providing steps. I just starting working with bursting and I am pretty excited about it. I am wondering about the limitation of sending emails to addresses that are outside of our organization. Is that accurate that is limits these? If so, I am thinking perhaps I can use the Event agent to get around this. Will Event Studio allow me to use email like @gmail , for example. I think I have only succeeded in bursting to @Virginia.edu so far.

7 NickMann commented Permalink

I don't believe that bursting is restricted for external email addresses. I've asked a colleague to investigate any other restrictions that may be in place and respond to the thread. Nick

8 RBrown commented Permalink

@AmyBihl: <br /> Bursting and event studio are not bound to internal addresses only. If you are bursting off of a directory entry, then the user must be registered in your directory services (such as Active Directory). However if you are using an Email address in your burst source, you can email to external addresses. <div>&nbsp;</div> You are more likely getting blocked by the Content Store's email authentication. As a simple test, simply run a report manually and send it to an outside address. If this works outside of bursts, it should also work with bursts. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you cannot send external emails with a simple report, try the following: <div>&nbsp;</div> In IBM Cognos Configuration tool (app on the Content Store server) go to Local Configuration-&gt;Notification. There a SMTP server and account and password are specified. Check to make sure the account and password are entered. Many places allow anonymous emailing within the internal network, but require authentication to send outgoing email. <div>&nbsp;</div> Once your cognos is autheticating to STMP with a specific username, contact your Admin and make sure the account Cognos is using is authorized to send emails externally.

9 Deepana commented Permalink

Hi Nick, <br /> I am new to event studio.This document is very helpful for me. Thank you. <div>&nbsp;</div> Deepana

10 Deepana commented Permalink

HI Nick, <div>&nbsp;</div> I have one requirement; i need to schedule the report to email( which have prompt on date column) with dynamic subject and dynamic body; It have to schedule every 4 hours in a day, it means daily 6 times the report have to run... <br /> In the Report studio we can uncheck the prompt for values, but how to avoid this in event studio.. <div>&nbsp;</div> I will be grateful for any help you can provide. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank You, <br /> Neetha

11 NickMann commented Permalink

hi there Deepana <br /> For Event Studio the Agent it creates will always prompt for values if the report you add as a task requires prompts. <br /> You can use a report that doesnt require prompts or you can set default prompt values from data items or hard coded values. look at the options in event studio report task. <br /> If the agent condition is itself prompting then you can set default values from the portal entry for the agent.

12 twistandshout commented Permalink

Hi Nick! Your guide is perfect and was very helpful. I finally managed to make appropriate bursting through event studio. <br /> However, i'm trying to make the bursting in a slightly different way and i guess i'm experiencing the same frustration as SkydiveDallas. <br /> Here's what happens if i'm following your guide: <br /> 1. the report task bursts the report according the key specified in report studio (the 'burst' key) <br /> 2. The email task sends all the bursted report parts relevant to the recipients according to the ‘recipients’ key (the one we put as an email adress) <div>&nbsp;</div> In the end each person gets only one email with several report parts relevant to him <div>&nbsp;</div> When you try to run the report with options through report studio to do the bursting item 1 is the same and item two is the opposite <br /> In the end each recipient gets multiple emails with only one attachment. He gets as many emails as many report parts are relevant to him. <div>&nbsp;</div> What i'm trying to achieve is the second scenario (the one by bursting through report studio). I was trying to do the same as as SkydiveDallas: to put a bursting key in the email subject field. The outcome is somewhat he described: multiple emails with multiple attachments i.e. one email with several report parts relevant to the recipient is multipled by all kinds of bursting keys relevant to the user (or his email or ‘recipients’ key) <div>&nbsp;</div> In the end the question is: whether it's possible to make bursting and sending through event studio exactly as through report studio (one report part per one email, recipients get multiple emails)?

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