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Please note, faculty who sign up for BlueWorks account should also read/accept the "Agreement for Evaluation of SaaS Offering" on the Blueworks Live trial page. This agreement is considered to be complimentary to the AI Program Agreement and SWG Usage Guidelines.

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Received the following question: <br /> Once the professor has completed the steps above, will the students need to register in Blueworks too? Will they be using their teacher's account? Can you please describe the process that the students will need to follow? <div>&nbsp;</div> Students do not need to register in BlueWorks. As the professor sets up their account they will creating usernames/profiles for their students. They should then share this information with each student in a confidential manner. Instructions on how to add account users and user groups is shown in this video: User Groups;list=UU58qLlqbf9BkI-NYVq_lAOQ