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1 Marjana commented Permalink

The script produces the files you mention in the article. But the "Import a DDL file" option that imports result of custom extraction file expects .out file (description of "Import a DDL file" states that). When I import the ddl file which I get from running this custom script and try to "Evaluate and Convert DDL...", I get "No sql files were found".
Any idea what's this .out file vs 7 files that you mention in this article?

2 EstebanL commented Permalink

Marjana, which version of DCW are you using? The .out was the extension used for the DDL result from a previous version of the offline extraction script. In the current DCW version, we updated the script and the result file names.

The "Evaluate and Convert DDL..." menu item is from one of our older DCW versions. In the latest version, there are two menu items: Convert Code and Evaluate Compatibility. Please update Data Studio to the latest version of DCW and try the process again.

3 Marjana commented Permalink

I am using IBM® Data Studio Version
IBM Data Studio 2013.12.26.161837 IBM Data Studio
IBM Database Conversion Workbench 2.1.0.v20131216_1025

I've just look online what's available for download and I see the latest of DCW is what I have, This is Linux install.
Could you confirm that there is a newer version of DCW from the one I have?
Many thanks for your quick response.

4 EstebanL commented Permalink

Marjana, you have installed the latest version of DCW. Please check that you are working in the "Project Explorer" view within the "Database Conversion" perspective (toolbar menu Window -> Open Perspective -> Other...).

If the "Project Explorer" view is not visible, please select "Reset Perspective..." under Window. You may have been working in "Data Project Explorer" which was used in a previous version of DCW.

5 Marjana commented Permalink

You are right, I was in Data Project explorer.
I switched to Project Explorer and I had to reset perspective. My Evaluate is running now.
Many thanks!