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1 PatChan commented Permalink

Hi, I tried to download the TCR 2.1.1 FP6 for Linux, in the link that you provided, and I found the name to be : <div>&nbsp;</div> However, when I checked that fix and click on next , there's a not on the webpage that says: <div>&nbsp;</div> "Some selected fixes encountered errors for this order. <div>&nbsp;</div> The following fixes cannot be downloaded due to an unexpected error on the server. Please contact technical support. <div>&nbsp;</div>" <div>&nbsp;</div> Yet, the link to download the file is enabled and I could still download the file successfully. So is the note indicating the fix I downloaded will not work? <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 PatChan commented Permalink

Typo, I meant to say that the fix I was trying to download is