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1 Gell Man commented Permalink

Hi team, <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there any place I can found more clauses to use in my queries: <div>&nbsp;</div> here is mentioned SELECT RULENAME, PREDICATE FROM O4SRV.SITDB <div>&nbsp;</div> I know there are bunch more queryes, <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks a lot

2 SandraWeiss commented Permalink

Hi - There are no "published" queries nor documentation on how to create any. This is due to the fact that the wrong query can cause performance issues. If you let me know what you are looking for I would be happy to help. You can email me at <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks - Sandy

3 SandraWeiss commented Permalink

Hi Gell Man - I think something like this should do the trick: <div>&nbsp;</div> SELECT TOBJACCL.NODEL, TSITDESC.SITNAME, TSITDESC.PDT, <br /> TSITDESC.TEXT <br /> FROM O4SRV.TSITDESC, O4SRV.TOBJACCL <br /> WHERE TSITDESC.SITNAME = TOBJACCL.OBJNAME <br /> ORDER BY TOBJACCL.NODEL, TSITDESC.SITNAME; <div>&nbsp;</div> The one issue you may run into is when you have situations with names greater than 32 chars and how they are represented in the TSITDESC table, etc... the name will not reflect the long name. <div>&nbsp;</div> Email if you have any questions. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks - Sandy

4 57VK_Fernando_martinez commented Permalink

Hi Sandra, I'm developing a tool for my Automation team using the SOAP request to ITM, I've built some queries, however I've got some dudes. <div>&nbsp;</div> How can I get the situations related to an agent ? <br /> How can I monitor the use of resources by my queries in order to get the best solution without generate a performance issue ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks in advanced.