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1 PatLacasse commented Permalink

Very interesting. I have a question though... In the workspace screenshot, I cannot understand how a Physical CPU Units Used of 0.64 on a system entitled to 1.00 could give an entitlement percent of 102? <div>&nbsp;</div> I would do 0.64 * 100 / 1.00 = 64% <div>&nbsp;</div> But in the topas example, it make more sense with a physc of 1.02 on a system entitled of 1.00: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1.02 * 100 / 1.00 = 102% <div>&nbsp;</div> There is something I don't understand, can you help me?

2 whisen commented Permalink

The Physical CPU Units Used attribute is physb, not physc. The Physical Consumption attribute in the CPU Summary view is physc. The Entitlement Used Pct is entc, but it does seem directly related to physc as you point out. Here is the list of attributes and their associated metrics: <div>&nbsp;</div> Physical Consumption - physc <br /> Entitlement Used Pct - entc <br /> Physical CPU Units Used - physb <br /> Phys Busy Pct - physb * 100 <div>&nbsp;</div> These are SPMI metrics from the AIX Performance Tools ( More detailed information on CPU metrics is here: <div>&nbsp;</div>!/wiki/Power+Systems/page/Processor+Utilization <div>&nbsp;</div> I also write about physb versus physc here: <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Hope this helps.