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1 KevinBaldwin commented Permalink

Added link to a very useful technote containing a pdf document that includes examples for defining custom situations and setting up Verification points in RPT scripts.

2 ericmtn commented Permalink

Hi Kevin, <div>&nbsp;</div> a few comments on your good article here, based on a recent discussion with Robotics L3 team, and my own test results : <div>&nbsp;</div> - regarding the chapter : <br /> Playbacks that are not "In progress" will have a status of : <div>&nbsp;</div> In the table info provided, I think the following can be added : <br /> "Last Run Status" values can be : Complete, Timeout, Failed, None <br /> "Current Run Status" values can be : Overrun, idle, retry <div>&nbsp;</div> - regarding the Overrun status, you wrote : <br /> "This status generates a Warning alert for the RRT_Playback_Overrun situation" <br /> unfortunately, there is currently an issue with RRT_Playback_Overrun situation that is using currently in its formula : <br /> *IF *VALUE RRT_Robotic_Playback_Status.Last_Run_Status *EQ OVERRUN <br /> it should be using : <br /> *IF *VALUE RRT_Robotic_Playback_Status.Current_Run_Status *EQ OVERRUN <br /> I opened an APAR for that issue.

3 KevinBaldwin commented Permalink

Hello Eric, thanks for your comments. I will review the information provided and update this blog as appropriate. I will post a new comment if/when updates have been made.