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1 Lizette commented Permalink

Last week my marketing professor shared a new form of virtual conference. The new "conference room" gives the participants a sense that they are all together in the same room, while everyone might be at a different location. This is called telepresence. Unfortunately, I can't paste a picture, but here is the link:

I think that with this types of virtual meetings many of the factors you mentions of not being able to meet physical would not be an issue.

2 ResslerB commented Permalink

This is a great breakdown of how virtual meetings benefit. At Boeing we often had small teams in Huntington Beach meet with our other teams in Texas, Georgia, and often different parts of the world. Our small team would meet virtually with other small teams and none of us needed to travel. I agree it is the wave of the future.

3 yulkim commented Permalink

As our society is rapidly turning into a digital community, virtual communication and meetings are becoming prevalent. You touched on great points such as saving time and money which are both incredibly important for the company and the individual. However, I know that employees still travel often for work whether it's meeting clients or reporters. It seems like some companies have not shifted and adapted to virtual communication, or have deemed it ineffective as face-to-face interactions. I believe there are so many pros to virtual meetings but as a Public Relations major, I know the importance of building and maintaining relationships face-to-face. If I had a preference, I would want to physically meet with people and only resort to virtual communication under specific circumstances that limit my ability to travel.

4 anamsessions commented Permalink

I think you raise an interesting point, especially with the theme of the class. This brings up a lot of the points mentioned in Macrowikinomics as well. I thought it was useful that you mentioned a list of both pros and cons since there are so many factors to think about when talking about such a hotly debated topic in the workplace. It will be important for corporations to be able to balance use of emerging and helpful technology without compromising the benefits of face to face interactions.

5 Jonathan Nguyen commented Permalink

Digging how you wrote this blog entry, first of all. It's really great how you bring up the pros and cons and break it down really well to support your point. I'm definitely a face-to-face advocate when it comes to meeting but actually reading your post makes me reconsider how I see it and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to saw about this Beam machine.

6 TylerSoosman commented Permalink

I think every point you made is very true and definitely a factor when considering face to face conversations. I also liked the way you organized the different factors. I think it would be good to talk about iBM and how they rarely meet face to face and how this could potentially affect them.

7 PaulYoder commented Permalink

I love the format of this post. This is a huge topic in regards to how social media is affecting professional business. I also really enjoyed the cliff-hanger at the end leading into your next entry. This was an extremely creative post and it offered a lot of valuable information in relation to video conferencing. I'm interested in reading part two of this blog entry.

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