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1 Lizette commented Permalink

I found this new was of using social media genius. This method can not only help the shoppers but also their purchasing department. If a piece of clothing is rated very low, the sales department might want to order a smaller quantity or even cut it from their inventory. On the side of the shopper, the number of like can help make a purchase decision. if it is highly liked, it is more likely to sell versus a low liked item. This is a very smart way of integrating social media to a business.

2 danield23 commented Permalink

You provided a lot of interesting points for your reading audience. The ability to monitor consumer habits in real time has a profound affect on how stores can target their customers. With the economy how it is, retail stores have to go to greater lenghts to attract customers and this certainly is one way that they can do it. The number of likes something garners in this day and age tells a lot to the store about the product and gives them invaluable information in determining what products are most popular and what they need to do with less popular items.

3 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I really like this topic! I believe Sandy Carter touched on this at our event last Friday right? I think this could really help to increase sales. There have been many times when I have been on the fence about buying a particular clothing piece. But then my friend would tell me how good it looks on me. ..then I'm convinced to buy it. I feel like this technology would give the same effect without my friend being there to persuade me.

4 Silvija_Lau commented Permalink

I found this aspect the most distinctive one of all the topics that Sandy Carter talked about in the IBM Symposium. And during the break I was talking to some coursemates about that. It would be really helpful strategy for most of the shops.

5 KiaraAdams commented Permalink

This really got my attention in Sandy Carter's presentation too! Not only are we obsessed with what others think of us today (which is a bit obsessive, but that's a blog post for another day), but we now get to know what those people think instantly with technology like these. Really fascinating!

6 BrendaChan commented Permalink

Cool topic! It's interesting to see retailers using social media in this way. I think the idea of liking clothing items and linking it to the actual store is a good idea because then it gets consumers more engaged with the store so it creates more of a buzz around the store. And I think for most shoppers we want the opinions of our friends or others because then we get a second opinion. So seeing what items are more liked will definitely help us in our decisions in shopping which may encourage more people to buy clothes.

7 SamyMartinez commented Permalink

I love how you used this information from Sandy Carter's presentation and incorporated it into a post. I was wondering who was going to do it. I shop online a lot and from a public relations standpoint and very intrigued when I see the "like" buttons and share options next to clothes I am debating on buying. I know that a lot of people with a follower mentality (majority of people) who are iffy about fashion and often question their style sense, heavily rely on these numbers next to the clothes when making a decision. I think it is pure genius that people are bringing this into the stores and there will be a visual for people when they are shopping in person.

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