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1 ResslerB commented Permalink

Using Snapchat as a marketing, I would imagine, is almost an art form. The people who follow these companies are already people who enjoy the company or they would not be following them. So do they use Snapchat to promote deals to an already loyal customer base or do they make funny snapchat mini videos to encourage the people who do receive them to show their friends and try to get their friends to watch the videos. Maybe they just want to use Snapchat as a friendly reminder to their loyal base that they are still around and to stop by for some food or service. I would be interested in seeing data a after a couple years of Snapchat marketing to see how well it works and what has worked and what hasn't.

2 danield23 commented Permalink

Very interesting. The idea of single view instantly gets the viewers attention and makes sure he or she is focused in on viewing the snapchat. As mentioned, this is mostly a millennial app, so anyone older is probably not going to be using Snapchat. However, in our generation it is very popular and has great opportunity to act as a convincing marketing tool. While I think this has great potential, it will probably take years to see whether or not snapchat truly has made an imprint as a marketing technique.

3 Lizette commented Permalink

After reading your blog post, I'm really on the fence if snap chat is an ideal platform to advertise. I do like the fact that the image is only shown for a couple of seconds therefore people will pay attention. My concern is that if the user like taco bell but doesn't allow snapchats from the company, they are not fully reaching out to their target market. Although you did mention that this means of marketing is more toward the millennials, which use this app more than any other generation.

4 yulkim commented Permalink

I love how clear your post it with the cons and pros of using Snapchat as a marketing tool. I really like your first pro about how Snapchat warrants the attention of a consumer since the photo itself is only existent momentarily. It sounds like Snapchat is being used as an advertising platform for its customers. I'm interested in seeing how many users actually don't mind the ads since it's on Snapchat where users get to decide what they look at.

5 PeterWillis commented Permalink

I don't know how effective a marketing tool Snapchat will actually be. No one I know follows companies on their snapchat accounts. I think you would already have to be a loyal fan of a certain company to go out of your way to add them, thus, companies aren't really attracting more/new customers. Regardless, I really liked this blog post--well organized and concise.

6 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

This is really interesting. As a snap chat user myself, however, I don't think I would add taco bell as my friend. How are companies advertising on snap chat dealing with this issue?

7 KiaraAdams commented Permalink

First off, I loved the line assuring readers that Chihuauas and dancing burritos are not taking over their Snapchat! Secondly, very interesting to look at how companies are leveraging this particular social media site as a marketing tool. We often here about the typical ones-- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but Snapchat is one I haven't thought of before. As for your last point, I would consider being able to reach a specific demographic, and the younger one at that, as a pro because it shows mastery of effective marketing tools. I don't see too many grandmas sending Snapchats to their other Bridge club members or dads sending photos of their bocce ball score cards to their friends through the "bouncing ghost app". But you do see college freshmen taking selfies at the most random times and the friends sitting next them laughing hysterically at the photo that lasted seconds. Taco Bell and McDonald's were smart to target the younger audiences in this culturally savvy way.

8 BrendaChan commented Permalink

Just like your last blog post, I really like this one too! It's straight forward and easy to read, easy on the eyes. I also like how your intended audience is businesses looking for new marketing tools and the way you worded it was inviting. About the topic, you know it's interesting to me that companies are now using Snapchat to advertise to their targeted audience but I think it's cool. There's the option of only allowing friends you add to snap you or having your account public so anyone that finds your username can snap you. I have mine public and sometimes it's annoying when I receive random snaps that say I won a contest because I know it's not real. But I like how you mentioned Taco Bell only sends snaps to people who add them which I think is a smart move since they won't be annoying people who are not interested in Taco Bell.

9 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

I like how friendly this post is for people who just can't read long papers. You really make a good point on the pros and cons of using snapchat as a marketing channel. Your format is very structured and easy on the eyes. I like how you use the color to separate the pros and cons. It helps the audience, like me, a lot to grasp information we want immediately!

10 anamsessions commented Permalink

I liked this post because it connected to a lot of the same things that I addressed in my post about HBO using Snapchat to help market its show Girls to millennials. Since younger audiences are the hardest to reach from a marketing perspective, companies are starting to think creatively and rely on other social media sources beyond the typical outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with younger customers. It will be interesting to see if these campaigns are successful and actually attract more customers/audiences since it is unclear yet how to track their effectiveness but it is an interesting idea and cost effective.

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