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1 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I'm surprised because I would think that people would want to go into brick and mortar stores when buying a luxury item for a premium price. How will companies selling luxury items respond to changing customer preferences? Are they closing brick and mortar stores?

2 BrendaChan commented Permalink

I liked your blog! The format is really nice and pleasing to the eye with the orange text as headers instead of black, makes it look more fun! Also I liked how you integrated links to different websites within your text, smart move! In terms of the topic, I was pretty surprised that people prefer shopping online for luxury goods. I would think the opposite actually, that people would rather buy cheaper goods online because they know the quality doesn't need to be super nice. But with luxury goods, at least for me, I would want to see in person first before I buy. But you gave an interesting side to the topic and it was fun to read!

3 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

I don't think they are going to close the actual stores. This is just another channel for the luxury brands to retail their products, especially for those ones already putting their product online in Nordstrom or other third party online channel to take back control in this field. Notice that there one significant factor for those products to be luxury is the quality. That is, the quality is already guaranteed under those brand's name, so people don't really need to see the product in person to know that it's good quality. About customer service, Of course customers service is still going to be an important part of this luxury experience. Now a lot of them provide advising through Live Chat on their website, or the customers can even make a call to their service center for more questions to be answered. It would be a challenge for those firms to upgrade their customer service to a whole new level, which they need to figure out how to make the customers "feel good" through the online channel. The more superficial example would be a thank you letter or, if it'a a beauty product, offer the customers the samples or invitation to special event. Those acts all can make the customers feel to be treated exclusively well. :)

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