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1 anamsessions commented Permalink

I really like the discussion this brings and think that it is really relevant to every professional in the workforce today. I think it also sparks an interesting discussion because there is no right or wrong answer and every company has different policies. Especially for those looking for jobs, it is important to keep your online profiles as private as possible to have some discretion because if an employer sees something that is undesirable it could affect your candidacy.

2 Jonathan Nguyen commented Permalink

It's a pretty cool topic that you're deciding on a topic so close to our class. Perhaps you can look into company's who have adopted social media and what they do with their regulations on internal social networking platforms. I really also like your infographics you provided!

3 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I agree, this is such an interesting topic! I think it would be also interesting to look at companies who ban employees from posting about the firm they work for on social media and why. I think I saw an article about Costco saying that their contract clearly states that employees are not allowed to post about the company on social media.

4 PaulYoder commented Permalink

Very relevant topic with an interesting discussion. I have always been fascinated by the thin line between personal and professional usage of social media. I feel that as people begin to understand social media platforms in depth, the line between personal and professional use actually becomes more blurred. However, I do not think this is a bad thing because as people begin to use social media in a way that is personal, while staying appropriately professional, strong company cultures can be developed. Kind of an interesting thought...

5 BrendaChan commented Permalink

I think this is a really relevant topic for today. I'm not going to lie I am definitely guilty of checking my phone when I'm at work as well. In my opinion I think it's a little weird for companies to make their employees use their personal social media accounts for work but I guess it fits for some companies. I just would never want to do that. I think there should be a line between our personal and professional lives and combining them isn't really far for many employees.

6 Silvija_Lau commented Permalink

Very vivid post, which I really enjoyed. One small thing: some of the words were really difficult. I guess blogs should be oriented towards multi-cultural/multi-lingual society. Aside of that the topic is extremely relevant. I think most of the workplaces now have to decide whether or not to allow the usage of social media during work hours. Would that increase employee satisfaction and productivity?

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