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1 Hoozuki commented Permalink

While Microsoft isn’t repudiating MB2-700 the campaign, meant to support its own email service, Outlook.com, the company Microsoft is apparently moving beyond it. "That part is about finished," Stefan Weitz, exam1pass exam Microsoft’s senior director of online services, told the San Francisco public media station KQED.

Yes, once in a while Microsoft does MB2-700 manage to make an early investment in a fresh market leader, but there are too Microsoft many exam1pass exam lovable losers on its list. The world’s largest software giant needs a new matchmaker.
With every search that people do, Bing believes there is a person out there who can help you make a decision. This is why Bing lets you tap into the wisdom of friends and experts in the social sidebar. Starting today, MB2-700 you will exam1pass exam see an average of five times more Facebook content in the sidebar, including status updates, shared links, comments and photos from your friends. Bing is the only search engine where you can find relevant search results along with the people who can help you make a decision — so you can spend more time doing and less time searching.

2 ResslerB commented Permalink

Online shopping is kind of interesting to me. Many people are using physical retail stores such as Best Buy and Sears to test the products and look at them in person and then purchase those products on-line. Then you have the issues of how online locations are taxed without a physical location other than storage spots and all 50 states moving toward the online sales tax. It is definitely a concept that is continuously evolving and hopefully it will all end well for the consumers.

3 danield23 commented Permalink

Like the format on this. You do a good job of providing pros and cons from retail and consumer perspective. The idea of exposing your business 24/7 is very important. You bring up an interesting point regarding returning items and that is something that needs to be looked at closely.

4 APlastaras commented Permalink

Love the photos that you chose to include in your post, they are all intriguing and through them alone, I think readers can get an idea about what the post is about. By breaking down the different segments into pros and cons, I think you are able to get clear points across that will resonate with readers. It's great that you inserted that small bit about yourself not having a car- its makes the post relatable, gives you voice as an author, and also allows you to act a primary source! Overall, I think you chose an extremely relevant topic and did a good job at writing an unbiased post!

5 SamyMartinez commented Permalink

I thought it was interesting how you mentioned that customers have more privacy when online shopping. I know you meant it in a way that anxious or self-conscious don't have to interact with people, but I'm posting about it in a way of intrusive advertisements on social media platforms and emails. I find that when I online shop, the next website I go to has an advertisement for the exact shirt or dress that I had just added to my basket from Forever21 or Tobi moments before. There is lack of customer privacy for online shopping and I think it would be interesting if you mentioned that in your report, or a blog entry, as well!

6 Silvija_Lau commented Permalink

I like the topic that you are writing about. Besides, you give very clear and objective analysis. I would suggest choosing one side for the paper. Then we could feel what your opinion is and try to find someone who thinks differently. That would be interesting, I think. Besides, after reading this I realized that I should improve my own paper by choosing one side more than the other. +++ very great set of pictures!

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