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1 JaneLarkins commented Permalink

I think any new invention that changes the supply chain this significantly is fascinating. I suggest you have a section in your paper that talks about the repercussions of influencing the supply chain. Yes, it increasing efficiency, but what about the jobs it cuts from the supply chain? What about that economic flux?

When you say “RFID is being used within distribution centers and brick-and-mortar stores in order to keep track of the different pieces of inventory moving around inside the building or out of it” does this mean that every product us marked with the radio transmitter? That is interesting, but isn’t that extremely expensive. I understand the cost for one is only $100, but if you have 100 products available at one store that cost is cumulatively huge.

2 yulkim commented Permalink

Very interesting topic and angle you took on GPS and RFID! I didn't know too much about these devices but thank you for elaborating on their uses. As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but wonder what the costs of these devices are. I know that placing these tracking devices on every product and truck allows for men to not waste time searching for misplaced objects, but what would be the total price for this alternate solution? Humorous comics you added to your post! And the visual of the RFID really struck out.

3 danield23 commented Permalink

Very interesting post. Never heard about this technology before. From what i have read in your post, it seems as though it will have a profound impact on way things are done. The ability to connect the information and physical layer is truly game changing. The tracking capabilities will change the way businesses operate. As mentioned, this will make great strides in improving efficiency and communication and doesn't overburden managers as they have been in the past when dealing with inventory and supply chains.

4 PaulYoder commented Permalink

This is a very engaging post. I especially like the use of graphics, I think it really enhanced what you were talking about. I think it is fascinating how GPS type technologies are making their way into supply and inventory tracking for businesses. Seems like a technology that has evolved so much over recent years and is continuing to develop at a rapid rate. With the accessibility of GPS increasing (with mobile devices for example), there is no saying just how much of an impact this technology could have in the distant future...

5 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

My attention was immediately caught by that tiny chip on top of the finger. I like how your blog is very visual. It makes the blog looks interesting. I didn't know much about GPS and your blog help me to get a good idea on the issues and triggered me to wanting to explore more about this. Great influence on the topic!

6 PeterWillis commented Permalink

I love the incorporation of the comic strips! Overall very engaging and visually appealing post. GPS and RFID are fascinating, I enjoyed reading!

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