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1 PaulYoder commented Permalink

I was looking forward to this post after reading your post from last week. This Beam Pro machine seems like something out of a science fiction movie. It would have seemed outrageous about ten years ago to think that you could virtually attend a business meting from the opposite side of the world and function in almost all of the same ways as if you were there. My question is will something this innovative and extreme catch on, or is it something that is too crazy to become useful on a regular basis?

2 bstewart commented Permalink

This is so very cool! It really is a new step in virtual communication during meetings. I also like how you included the link to the video so we can really see how it works!

On another note, I guess I would think about how this may affect companies which have a lot of conference call meetings including those internationally? Would something like this remove the need for fly out "visits" or just supplement in between? Are there ways to display translated languages?

3 KiaraAdams commented Permalink

This is really cool but really scary haha! Like Paul said, this does seem like something out of a science fiction movie! I wonder what kinds of companies would invest in utilizing these. High tech companies? Ones that are trying to cut operational costs by cutting down on cost of brick and mortar buildings? These little devises seem like they'd be pretty pricey, and I'm definitely interesting in learning more about who currently utilizes them, if anyone and how it's increased/unaffected/decreased productivity.

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