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1 Daniela K. commented Permalink

Kiara, I really like your writing!! Being someone who isn't interested in the topic at all (yes, sorry) you kept me reading to the end. I like your description about the book and its writer and am seriously considering giving this a read, so thanks!

2 lgreg commented Permalink

Ditto what Daniela said! I agree with your personal comments throughout- very relatable. USC is incredibly expensive and it's sometimes jarring to know how long and how hard I may have to work off student loans; however, Kate seems to offer a very optimistic perspective on how to do it. Thanks for sharing!

3 bstewart commented Permalink

I like the style and personality of your post! It is insightful, but has its funny moments to capture the reader and keep them wanting to know more. I also like the content of your post, it is very relatable to life in college and beyond. I definitely will look into reading this book.. any resource about handling money that is kind and fun to the reader would be a beneficial takeaway. I also really like your way of adding "Tweetables" at the end. It is cute, catchy, and has the potential to keep the conversation going!

4 JP Preziosi commented Permalink

I agree with those ahead of me about your style. Your animated writing made it a very easy and enjoyable read. Encouraging your readers to Tweet the takeaway points is brilliant and likely to stimulate further conversation. Great job!

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