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1 JaneLarkins commented Permalink

Celebrity endorsements creates an association between a product and the type of person/lifestyle the celebrity is/has. This could is a persuasive type of marketing, and one that could either create positive or negative associations. I think for the most part, marketers choose a celebrity that will boost sales and create more positive associations. For example, I ‘m thinking of Jennifer Anniston with Smart Water. That does not seem too controversial – she is gorgeous and lives a clean lifestyle. Guys want to be with her, and girls want to be like her, for the most part. So that doesn’t seem too bad….But think about Proactive…I think Justin Bieber was the face of Proactive for a bit and now with his recent behavior, people could think Proactive…Justin Bieber…bad boy…jail. I know that sounds dramatic, but the associations we create in our mind are influential on our purchasing decisions.

2 KiaraAdams commented Permalink

I like how you broke down the endorsements and explored that topic from both sides. Like you menioned, and Jane confirmed, celebrity endorsements definitely impact our purchase decisions because of how much clout they have in our culture. But, just like with O.J., Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Tiger Woods, and others who have lost endorsements due to poor decisions, or scandals that have have been publicized, companies must be extremely careful with who they choose, and have a PR team in place in case crisis management intervention needs to take place at any given moment to save the reputation of the brand.

3 BrendaChan commented Permalink

I thought this was an interesting topic! Companies definitely need to be cautious of who they choose for their endorsement because, like you mentioned, they could do something bad that could affect the reputation of the company. One example that comes to mind was when Michael Phelps had a picture of him smoking weed posted online and then Wheaties (I think? or maybe another company) dropped him as a celebrity endorsement. Even if the employees of Wheaties agreed with his actions or not, they have to look at the big picture and think about how his actions reflect on the company's image.

4 APlastaras commented Permalink

This is such an important topic for business people to read up on! In my marketing class we touched upon this for a little while and celebrities endorsements are definitely powerful- sometimes in a negative light, sometimes in a positive light. Both the company and celebrity could face potential individual branding risks if something were to go wrong such as in OJ Simpson's situation. So happy you acknowledged this, great work, great read!

5 Silvija_Lau commented Permalink

Nice topic! However, I am a little skeptical about celebrity endorsements, because I do not believe that someone that I do not personally know could affect my decision in any way. But some people can get very attached to their favorite celebrieties' opinions on products. Unluckily, we never know how trustworthy the endorsement is, if the celebrity gets paid a great amount of money. I think these are some of the points you could look more into as well. But overall, great and brief analysis. I like that you clearly divided advantages and disadvantages.

6 JP Preziosi commented Permalink

Celebrity endorsements are huge when it comes to advertising products. You bring up a good point about celebrities also being a liability because you obviously can control what they do or say. In a follow up post I would be interested to hear more about the process of selecting celebrities. Is there some sort of formal criteria?

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