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1 Daniela K. commented Permalink

Your post is very informative. While doing research along the same lines, I also found the "renewed" importance of blogs. However, I think that the use of blogs highly depends on the product or service one is trying to market; some industries, where client education is a priority, will see more ROI when using blogs for marketing.

2 lgreg commented Permalink

I loved this entry! i think that blogs almost act like social media- where if readers catch on they immediately set a platform for the blog and the blogger. I agree its the "new" Twiiter, Facebook, or even YouTube. I regularly follow LC's blog and find that she does a great job in discretely promoting her products and building her brand. However, another case that could be interesting to point out is Cupcakes and Cashmere- a person who unlike Lauren Conrad, had zero notoriety, but her blog literally invented and defined her brand.

3 yulkim commented Permalink

Great post on breaking down the whole concept of brand building through the use of a blog. I think it's great that you used a specific example to buttress your statement. I agree with you that blogs allow for a company or an individual to really build a brand and voice that resonates with the audience. However, I believe that every social media platform exists and works for their own purpose. All of them is tailored for a specific audience and the brand should be consistent amongst the platforms.

4 Jonathan Nguyen commented Permalink

Very nice use of images to supplement your message, it really helps to visualize what you're talking about. What would be interesting is if you can track any trends on blogs depending on topic. Say, is there something all fashion blogs have? Technology? And so forth. But that question aside, this blog entry is really good!

5 APlastaras commented Permalink

Really enjoyed reading this entry! I think that by identifying the 3 things you believe make a blog effective in brand building, you were able to create 3 memorable points for readers. I also think that you have a very personable tone that makes the post fun to read. I'm curious as to whether or not you can see commonalities across other blogs- regardless of the subject matter. That might be an interesting follow-up post. Great job!

6 bstewart commented Permalink

As an aspiring blogger trying to find best practices to build a consistent and effective brand presence, I find this particularly interesting. I like how you really identified what about about blog was meaningful to you and how that can be communicated to others elsewhere. Your enthusiasm is apparent and this article was thoughtful and to the point. Blogs are the new way to go... making them useful and successful is next step. Perhaps you can address how to find broader reach of your target "blog consumers"?

7 KiaraAdams commented Permalink

A very well rounded blog post, Samy! I really like how you took one post on LC's site and broke it down into tangible steps that any blogger can incorporate into their current practices. I'm really interested to see what you do with this topic in the coming weeks.

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