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1 gstarkey commented Permalink

Great content and easy to read. I like how you broke it down into 4 different categories that can be beneficial for a company. I actually did not know that you could search for something simply based off of its hashtag. It seems like a wise decision for businesses to start using hashtags to spread their brand image and gain media coverage.

2 TylerSoosman commented Permalink

Very clear to understand which is nice and helpful when understanding your research. I think hastags are also extremely important because of its presence in multiple tweets. Some people just search content by hastags so I think that especially with big companies this would easily help them promote products and impact the social space.

3 Lizette commented Permalink

Before reading your post, I never thought that hash tags would be so important to companies. Now I see how companies can benefit from others using hash tags. It's incredible how now they can get data from social media unlike before where research and retrieving data used to take time.

4 bstewart commented Permalink

I really like the layout of your post! It makes it easy to take away information. In the Social Business Symposium we saw just how important BIG DATA, as it continue to be brought up as an issue by each presenter. By using hashtags to collect marketing data, could help quantify reach and ACTIVE engagement to your consumers. I think strategic hashtagging could be a good kickstart to those businesses ready to explore the world of social media. Instead of providing all of the content, the shift relies on the consumers providing engagement. In addition the idea of integration across platforms is particularly intriguing to me, as it may create some form of technology synergy.

5 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

I think this is a great topic and I like your layout. It is very easy to follow. I think it would be great to talk about how companies can encourage people to use their hashtag. I know TV shows will often have their hashtag on the bottom of the screen, but how can clothing stores do this? I also like your graphics, great job!

6 PaulYoder commented Permalink

I have to say, all of your blog posts have stood out to me based on the unique and creative formatting techniques you apply. They are very easy to read and they are aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoyed the content of this post as well. I have been talking about Twitter in my posts and the hashtag trend is something that has always been intriguing to me. Crazy to think how you can instantly connect millions of people just by tagging a word or phrase. Opens all kinds of doors for open forums and virtual discussions, not to mention marketing, advertising, and other big money making techniques.

7 BrendaChan commented Permalink

Like I've said for all of your blog posts, I love this one too! Always easy to read and intriguing topics. I like how you give four clear points about the advantages of using hashtags for businesses. So if people are too lazy to read through the entire blog post (although you kept it short and concise), they can still get the main messages you're trying to get across. It's a light and fun blog post!

8 anamsessions commented Permalink

From the beginning, the title was enough to draw me to this particular post. I think this is extremely relevant, for someone who is interested in marketing, to see how various social media tools can succeed for all types of businesses. It is interesting to see the hashtag phenomenon has expanded beyond Twitter and you definitely have done some successful research here as to how businesses can make themselves stand out with this tool. Definitely for gathering data and direct feedback, reading user comments that are connected to hashtags can provide a lot of valuable information that simply tracking web traffic or other preliminary models cannot.

9 Cheng-Yi(Sophie)Chang commented Permalink

Your posts are just my favorite!!!!!! I love how you address just one idea at a time and use the layout to make the content interesting and easy to read! I also like how you put up all the references underneath the post so we can find more information if we decide to explore deeper!

10 SamyMartinez commented Permalink

I hate to repeat all the other comments, but I truly enjoyed this post. I have often wondered about the expansion of hashtags and their use outside of Twitter. The organization of your post really put primary emphasis on your four major point that were key takeaways. Although I did read your post, I wouldn't have to spend as much time searching for main messages as I would with others. Great job!

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