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1 Daniela K. commented Permalink

This is kind of a bummer, isn't it? Especially now that we've all been working on our LinkedIn profiles, trying to get more endorsements! However, it is very useful information to keep in mind when continuing to polish our professional profiles. Asking for recommendations will go to the top of my list.

2 lgreg commented Permalink

I definitely see this perspective in regards to LinkedIn being a popular social topic. I do think people lose sight of traditional interviews, endorsements, and recommendations. LinkedIn might better be viewed as a great supplement to (not replacement of) personal, thoughtful endorsements.

3 TylerSoosman commented Permalink

I agree with Daniela and Lauren. It is kind of unfortunate to know that the amount of endorsers you have does not demonstrate much value. What is another part of the linkedin page that could express more value than that of endorsements?

4 PaulYoder commented Permalink

I never really took the time to think about this topic. Your three points convinced me that there is not a lot of weight placed on LinkedIn endorsements. It makes me wonder just how important LinkedIn is for a working professional. While some people swear by it, there are other people that still see the platform as a glorified Facebook. I wonder if it will eventually gain enough recognition to become a mainstay in professional business or if it will simply fade away...

5 Lizette commented Permalink

Being a new user to LinkedIn I was really worried of not having any endorsements. After reading your blog post, it really convinced me that they might not be taken into consideration. I still feel that it is better to have them and have them be bypassed by recruiters/viewers than not having any at all. As Lauren mentioned, this should just be supplement information to enhance a resume or interview.

6 Jaclyn De Anda commented Permalink

This is a very valid point. Is there a way LinkedIn can make endorsements more useful? Maybe, the person could write a sentence or two to back up the endorsement, kind of like a mini recommendation? Should LinkedIn take away endorsements all together?

7 KiaraAdams commented Permalink

I completely agree with each of the points you made in your post! I personally think the endorsement part of the page looks really weird (who thought seeing a small face to represent someone who clicked "yes, he/she has this skill" would make it more believable?). To me, these endorsements clutter the bottom of profiles and like you said, they're really easy to get which makes them meaningless. I propose that LinkedIn should gets rid of them all together and instead forces people to get the written letters of recommendation because those are definitely be more credible.

8 APlastaras commented Permalink

First off, great title. I have to say, it instantly caught my attention. I really like how you formatted your post, as it makes your 3 main points very clear, and therefore, memorable. Often times, when I see my connections on linkedin that have numerous endorsements, it used to intimidate me, as I have not added any yet. So true, that the value of the endorsements depreciates as they are so easy to add to your page. Interesting post, that caught my attention. Good job!

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