Improving the customer experience with IBM Tealeaf

cxReveal configuration to enable user search options

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Amol Barsagade and Rinkesh Jain

Date archived: January 4, 2017 | First published: September 18, 2014

This article illustrates the IBM® Tealeaf® cxReveal® installation and various required configurations. The purpose is to explore IBM Tealeaf cxReveal function with the installation, configurations, and Enable cxReveal group and user for Search menu (top option) into the Tealeaf portal. The configuration of Tealeaf Event Bus, Session Attributes, Events, Hit Attributes and others are described in detail.

This content is no longer being updated or maintained. The full article is provided "as is" in a PDF file. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.

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ArticleTitle=Improving the customer experience with IBM Tealeaf