Out-thinking old school: Using games to develop cognitive computing skills

Visitors to David Conover’s Game Design class at Connally High School scan the darkened room, finding students smiling at computer screens, each engaged in a video game. But this is no game arcade of yesteryear. It's more like a portal to a different way of learning.

Conover’s students have come together from a variety of backgrounds to bond as artists, engineers, and project managers in the creation of video games, often for real-world clients.

Along the way, they’ve worked and rubbed elbows with experts in different fields: head engineers for IBM supercomputer Watson Group and pharmaceutical science experts....

“Imagine: These students are having conversations with the global director of IBM game design plus the head engineers of Watson,” said Conover. “They’re all having this creative, innovative dialogue. I think this is a first.” Read more.

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Meet the team

These ambassadors of Serious Games at IBM (@INNOV8game) helped make Medical Minecraft possible.

Phaedra Boinodiris
Global Lead, Serious Games at IBM

Kyle Brown
Bluemix Lead

Srinivas Cheemalapati
Solution Architect

Patrick Cremin
Cloud Evangelist

Joseph Kozhaya
Watson Lead

Porter Stowell
Lead Strategist, Cloud Games