Top 10 reasons to make IBM Cloud your platform of choice

developerWorks has published a lot of technical content about how to use IBM Cloud services. In this article, I'm going to add some variety to all the technical content you've been seeing and give you the top 10 reasons you should choose IBM Cloud as your cloud platform of choice.

1. Reach enterprise markets by partnering with IBM

If you are trying to grow your Software as a Service (API economy) business beyond its initial phases, you know that landing an enterprise customer can really make an impact to your bottom line. Because IBM operates in more than 170 countries around the world, you can work with IBM to jointly pursue cloud opportunities and drive enterprise customers to your applications and services running on IBM Cloud. For example, OnFarm, a start-up, worked with IBM to receive ongoing coaching, access to technology, mentoring, and connections to venture capitalists, clients, and partners.

2. Leverage a pipeline of talent grown by IBM through university and developer outreach

Even if you have a phenomenal business plan, you will struggle to execute it without the right talent in your company. Did you know that IBM University Outreach is working with US universities to get students engaged with IBM Cloud? Combine that with developer-focused conferences like Innovate@InterConnect, along with many other outreach efforts, and you have a growing talent pool of development candidates for your company. If you are a student or a developer interested in growing your skill set, you will want to know that IBM Cloud is built on Cloud Foundry, an open source platform as a service (PaaS) technology. This means that if you pick up IBM Cloud skills you can apply them to any other Cloud Foundry deployment, including the one that you can build yourself.

3. Monetize your services through the IBM Cloud services catalog

Shortly after the launch of IBM Cloud, many IBM business partners, including Ustream, started to offer services through the IBM Cloud Marketplace. Networked marketplaces like IBM Cloud have a strong first mover advantage. Develop on IBM Cloud, create a service plan, become an IBM Cloud Marketplace business partner, and make your service a category leader.

4. Deploy your apps and services on a responsive, global cloud infrastructure

SoftLayer, IBM's Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), delivers the control and flexibility you need to power your most demanding cloud applications. SoftLayer provides self-service provisioning for both virtual and dedicated bare metal servers—with deployment in minutes for virtual servers. It also offers a single-pane portal to control and tune all services, and a single API with a broad set of function calls. IBM uses SoftLayer not just for IBM Cloud, but also for customers like the Australian Open tennis tournament to ensure high availability and a great user experience.

5. Meet enterprise-class quality of service requirements in the cloud

Not all applications are created equal. Some need high availability and high performance relational databases. Others must satisfy complex regulatory compliance requirements. You don't want to say "No" a customer because your service is missing a capability that you cannot afford to build yourself. IBM Cloud gives you a roadmap to evolve your application by introducing enterprise-class capabilities that can help you pursue lucrative opportunities in the large enterprise and government markets.

6. Migrate your complex legacy applications to the cloud with IBM's flexible infrastructure

IBM SoftLayer, the underlying infrastructure for IBM Cloud, has been highlighted by Gartner for its range of features: from bare-metal to cloud servers, all managed through a common API. This broad supply of capabilities is why gaming companies like Multiplay and KUULUU, which have complex demands for their resource-intensive games, moved to the same infrastructure as IBM Cloud.

7. Deliver innovative services by working with IBM Research & Development

IBM Cloud is the only PaaS featuring IBM Watson technology. In addition to Watson, you can take advantage of other services created by IBM R&D, including log analysis, auto-scaling, and many others. IBM labs also have customer advocates who can help you explore opportunities for using IBM innovation.

8. Discover opportunities for innovation from a variety of IBM business partner services

IBM business partners have adopted IBM Cloud and made their services available for your use. For example, Zend Technologies provides support for their enterprise-class PHP container, which can be deployed to IBM Cloud. Access to the IBM business partner ecosystem can help you build your application faster, regardless of the technology, industry, or geography you are targeting.

9. Create trusted and secure offerings by reusing services reviewed and certified by IBM

A company can develop a service for IBM Cloud without any restrictions from IBM. However, for a service to be posted to the IBM Cloud catalog, IBM must review and certify the service based on IBM's internal security guidelines.

10. Build on IBM's long history of industry leadership

IBM has been around for more than a century supporting the technology needs of companies around the world. Some have said that the Western Civilization runs on the mainframe technology, which IBM has developed and has been maintaining since the 1960s. With IBM's commitment to Cloud Foundry you can be certain that IBM Cloud is the right foundation to develop applications for your most valuable customers.

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