Craft a SaaS-oriented vulnerability mitigation policy

Put a policy and tools in place to quickly bring secure apps to production

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Judith Myerson

Date archived: November 29, 2016 | First published: January 12, 2012

Many businesses and industries depend on web-based software to run business processes, conduct transactions, and deliver services to customers. When a deadline looms, organizations may get frantic and sacrifice secure features to bring the application into production. This is a fast (and reactive) solution that results in a usually defective application. A better, proactive solution is to create a SaaS-oriented web application vulnerability mitigation policy (and employ a SaaS-based vulnerability scanner) into place that anticipates application vulnerabilities and has several solutions to repair them ready to go. The author will provide a roadmap to such a policy and illustrate using a scanner tool in the form of IBM® Rational® AppScan products.

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