Deploy a J2EE app with TSAM extensions

Securely deploy a three-tier enterprise application to the cloud

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Michele Crudele and Fabio Cerri

Date archived: May 17, 2019 | First published: January 26, 2012

IBM® Tivoli® Service Automation Manager (TSAM) 7.2.2 introduces the concept of extension, a set of TSAM software components that can implement a new IT service automation solution (known as a service definition) or add capabilities to existing service definitions. In this article, the authors define a scenario in which the desired result is to securely deploy a three-tiered enterprise application (in this case J2EE) to the cloud. They demonstrate how to set up and provision extensions in TSAM as the first step to accomplishing this task.

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ArticleTitle=Deploy a J2EE app with TSAM extensions