Verify the CloudBurst 2.1 Tivoli software stack

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Rossella De Gaetano

Date archived: May 17, 2019 | First published: August 26, 2011

The advantages an appliance brings with it are often achieved by complex tasks; many times this complexity is hidden by the interface to the appliance, giving the user a limited view of the entire configuration and integration points. But a user may need to verify or re-verify the software stack when the environment changes (restoring backup images in a disaster recovery scenario) or when making modifications to hardware configurations (like when you add new blades) or software configurations (like when you add new networks with VLAN tagging). In this article, the author provides a quick guide to verifying the IBM® CloudBurst 2.1 Tivoli® software stack.

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ArticleTitle=Verify the CloudBurst 2.1 Tivoli software stack