Navigate a shared services workload in PureApplication System

Learn to build shared services, a workload that provides common capabilities for other workloads

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Jim Riordan and James Kochuba

Date archived: May 17, 2019 | First published: October 01, 2012

IBM® PureApplication™ System and IBM Workload Deployer provide capabilities to run many different workloads in the cloud — one of those is shared services, a type of workload, that helps clients provide common capabilities for other workloads. These common capabilities and runtime services improve the cloud density while simplifying the usage of complex or advanced features. In this article, the authors explain some basic concepts of shared services, describe the sample shared service plug-ins in the Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) which provides a strong starting point to create new shared services. They also walk you through converting the sample shared service into a functional generic media shared service, a generic file storage repository where client deployments can obtain common files.

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ArticleTitle=Navigate a shared services workload in PureApplication System