Integrate a Ceph storage cluster within an OpenStack cloud

Discover Ceph, the open source distributed storage system that empowers your OpenStack environment

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Razique Mahroua

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: April 23, 2013

For companies deploying and proposing cloud computing offers as Infrastructure as a Service, data replication and storage mechanisms remain the de facto prerequisite to ensure both integrity and service continuity for their customers. Cloud computing offers a model in which the location of data is not as important as in other models of infrastructures (such as those in which the company directly owns expensive storage hardware). Ceph is an open source, unified, distributed storage system that offers a convenient way to deploy a low-cost and massively scalable storage platform with commodity hardware. Discover how a Ceph cluster — presenting object, block, and file storage from a single point — is created, its algorithms and replication mechanism, and how it can be integrated with your cloud data architectures and models. The author proposes a simple, yet powerful approach for integrating the Ceph cluster within an OpenStack ecosystem.

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ArticleTitle=Integrate a Ceph storage cluster within an OpenStack cloud