An introduction to the application lifecycle on IBM Bluemix

Deploying, running, and deleting an application


This video was recorded using the Bluemix classic interface. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.


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Jay Allen starts by going to the jStart page on GitHub and cloning the Node MySQL Upload application to his local notebook machine.

He then displays two of the files in the application. He shows you the key code sections of the application itself. Next, he shows you the key information in the .yml file, which defines the preferred way to deploy the application to Bluemix.

After Jay shows you the code, he demonstrates how to target the environment from the command line and how to push the application to Bluemix based on the information in the .yml file.

Jay then shows how the application appears in the Bluemix palette of applications and launches the application. He briefly uploads a file by using the application.

Jay demonstrates how to review the runtime parameters and change them from the Bluemix dashboard. Finally, he shows how easy it is to delete an application when you are done with it.

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ArticleTitle=An introduction to the application lifecycle on IBM Bluemix