How IBM leads in building web application hosting cloud solutions

Implementing the CSCC Customer Cloud Architecture for Web Application Hosting

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Heather Kreger, Mary Mt. Pleasant, Britni Lonesome, Karolyn Schalk, Karthik Sivakumar, and Sreekanth Iyer

Date archived: February 16, 2018 | First published: February 19, 2016

Decision makers are increasingly looking to cloud computing and cloud services to support existing and new web application hosting environments. The elasticity and scalability that cloud environments offer make them the ideal web application hosting environment.

This article describes the best practices and architectural capabilities needed to develop web application hosting environments using a private, a public, or a hybrid cloud deployment model. We show how IBM® products support the cloud web application hosting environment as it aligns to the industry standard.

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ArticleTitle=How IBM leads in building web application hosting cloud solutions