Jump-start your hackathon efforts with IBM Bluemix DevOps Services

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Millard Ellingsworth

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | Last updated: April 08, 2015|First published: May 30, 2014

A hackathon is typically a brief, intense period of collaborative development generally around a particular cause or topic. The idea is to get something done quickly and, of course, for the thing you to do totally rock the judges. Given the short time period, it can be challenging to build in some basic features like Facebook authentication or sending emails or texts while still making significant progress on your main goal. The Hackathon Starter Project by Sahat Yalkabov, et. al., hosted at GitHub, provides a great collection of capabilities to use as the base for your hackathon efforts. IBM Bluemix DevOps Services provides a collaborative on-the-web development environment and continuous delivery pipeline while IBM Bluemix provides the cloud hosting you need to run it, making this a perfect pair for hackathon success. I explain how to stand up your own copy of Hackathon Starter from a fresh version of the source using Bluemix DevOps Services and automatically deploy it after every change to the Bluemix PaaS.

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