Cloud and industry, Part 2, The chemical, petroleum industry and IIF

A conceptual outline for cloud-enabled industry solution Integrated Information Framework

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Xi Ning Wang, Yu Zhou, Liang Xue , Xin Peng Liu, Xiao Xing Liang, Chang Hua Sun, and Shuang Liang

Date archived: November 29, 2016 | First published: January 21, 2011

See how cloud computing technologies and architecture patterns using the IBM® Chemical and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework (IIF) significantly enhance the capabilities and agility of not only the chemical and petroleum industry, but also enterprises with similar requirements, business models, and IT architectures in other industries. At the infrastructure level, this article presents the capabilities and implementation mechanism of cloud-based IIF solution lifecycle management. Based on such a management foundation, a business process environment delivered in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model is provided for rapid development of business agility. This article is Part 2 of a series on enabling cloud computing in industry solutions. See Part 1 for an overview of PaaS best practices and patterns.

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