Build a private cloud with CloudBurst and TSAM

Integrate WebSphere CloudBurst and Tivoli Service Automation Manager to create heterogeneous private clouds

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Dustin Amrhein and Marcin Malawski

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: March 01, 2011

An organization must address a number of considerations when building a private cloud computing environment; specifically, it needs to take a holistic approach to private clouds that include creating, deploying, monitoring, and managing service construction and delivery. Both the IBM® Tivoli® Service Automation Manager (TSAM) and IBM WebSphere® CloudBurst Appliance equip users with these capabilities. In this article, the authors discuss why and how you can integrate Tivoli Service Automation Manager with WebSphere CloudBurst to deliver a private cloud.

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ArticleTitle=Build a private cloud with CloudBurst and TSAM