Establish a system to build custom virtual cloud images

Using the IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool

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Dustin Amrhein and Vanessa Grose

Date archived: November 29, 2016 | Last updated: December 07, 2011|First published: March 22, 2011

Virtual images allow users to freeze-dry preferred software environments and deliver them to users in a rapid and consistent manner: As a result, companies are turning to virtual images as a means to improve software delivery within their data centers. As they make greater use of virtual images, challenges are emerging — such as determining how much content to put into a single image and how best to construct these images. The authors discuss these challenges and introduce the IBM® Image Construction and Composition Tool (ICCT), freely available for download (see Resources), that addresses many of these challenges and provides a systematic approach to constructing virtual images in the cloud.

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ArticleTitle=Establish a system to build custom virtual cloud images