See IBM Bluemix in action

David Barnes demonstrates Bluemix at the NYTECH meetup


This article was written using the Bluemix classic interface. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.

In this demo David Barnes, Program Director of IBM Emerging Technology, shows you how to develop, create, and deploy an application in the cloud. You'll see how IBM Bluemix, a platform as a service based on Cloud Foundry, makes it easy for developers to build and deploy their apps in the cloud.

David demonstrates how you can choose a runtime or framework, such as Node.js or PHP, then choose one or more services, such as a Watson or mobile service, and link them with your application. He illustrates this by deploying a chat app on Bluemix, then linking it with the Bluemix Internet of Things service to power a Sphero.

The most exciting thing is that you all can take your innovations and go here. It's no longer just for big companies. You get your idea, your big idea, you put it out here. If it doesn't work, hit delete, you paid nothing...If you hit it out of the park, scale it up and take it to the masses.

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