Automate virtual machine discovery and self-connectivity

Use plug-and-play to discover and connect virtual machines

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Giuseppe Ciano, Maurizio Simeoni, Alessio D'Amico, Dr. Antonio Perrone, Luigi Pichetti, and Francesco Dauri

Date archived: May 16, 2019 | First published: November 01, 2010

In a virtual data center the deployment and the dismissal of complex appliances require that multiple configuration steps be executed. Reconfiguration requirements include establishing and removing communication between different components of the same product running in different virtual machines (VMs) as well as different products running in different VMs. Traditionally this process has been burdensomely manual or somewhat inflexible via the invoking of predefined scripts with static values. In this article, the authors propose StereoCable, automated plug-and-play support of complex virtual appliances in a virtual data center, to solve this issue. This way VMs are able to discover and automatically connect to each other based on predefined connections policies.

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ArticleTitle=Automate virtual machine discovery and self-connectivity