Integrate applications in a cloud appliance: 18 practices

Best practices to help you install an appropriately configured application in a cloud appliance

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Sheetal Jharia and Ashish Billore

Date archived: September 8, 2016 | First published: July 23, 2012

More application owners want their applications to be hosted in a cloud environment which can be a challenge if the application is complex or has tight dependency on the execution environment. A common scenario of application deployment to the cloud is one in which you have non-cloud software that you want to integrate into software already running in the cloud — to do this, there are several features that need to be planned for (if you're still tinkering with the application in question) or integrated (if the application already exists). In this article, the authors provide 18 best practices to make sure your application can be easily integrated into another cloud product, can be integrated into another cloud appliance, or can be hosted as an independent appliance in the cloud.

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