IBM Student Ambassadors

IBM Student Ambassadors have a passion for making a difference on their campus. They are inspired to learn about technologies that will enable them to turn their ideas into new solutions. And they are committed to sharing their ideas, talents, and knowledge with others. They know that working with others who share similar goals is the fastest path to success. If you're looking for an opportunity to increase your knowledge and share your enthusiasm as a liaison between IBM and your school, then sign up to find out more about the IBM Student Ambassadors, part of the IBM Champions program.

As an IBM Student Ambassador, you will work closely with IBM technical experts, recruitment leaders, and marketing teams to raise IBM's profile on campus and introduce IBM to students and student groups across your campus.

How IBM Student Ambassadors work

We'll give you the resources you need, as well as an opportunity to earn some swag along the way. You know your campus better than anyone, so we'll be counting on you to connect with groups of students who may not yet know what IBM can offer them in terms of learning, skills development, and employment. As an IBM Student Ambassador, you can share how IBM is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and creating new value networks using Blockchain technologies.

Students from all academic backgrounds are invited to learn more.

Benefits of being an IBM Student Ambassador

The IBM Student Ambassadors program will be launching as part of the IBM Champions program. While still under development, the IBM Student Ambassador program will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Network and build professional relationships with one the largest and most trusted IT and Services Companies in the world.
  • Be mentored by IBMers and IBM Champions to enhance your skills.
  • Receive information regarding IBM internship opportunities, plus add to your application the fact that you are already an IBM Student Ambassador.
  • Participate (and maybe even present) in special IBM virtual and live events.
  • Showcase your skills and those of others at your school by contributing to online Projects, Recipes, Repositories.
  • Earn a digital badge which when applied to your social profile will help employers find you, even when you're not looking (not an outdated letter of recommendation).