IBM Champion Badge

IBM Champions are eligible to accept IBM Champion badges for use in social and networking sites as part of their IBM Champion benefits.

Q: What does holding this badge represent?

A: The IBM Champion badge is an IBM-issued open badge acknowledging the IBM Champion achievement. The badge can be shared on social and networking sites and indicates that the holder is a proven innovative thought leader in the technical community who has demonstrated exceptional expertise and contribution in helping others derive greater value from IBM software, solutions and services.

The badge recognizes the IBM Champion's skills not only in the Champion's area of technical expertise, but also as one who influences and mentors others through blogging, speaking at conferences, moderating forums, leading user groups, and authoring books or articles.

The badge is earned as part of the selection as an IBM Champion.

Q: What badges are issued to IBM Champions?

A: Current IBM Champion badge offerings include the following:

  • Annual badges for each year a person is selected as an IBM Champion.
  • Milestone badges for 3, 5, 7, and 10 years of selection as an IBM Champion.

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Some areas in the program also award a Lifetime Achievement badge. The IBM Champion Lifetime Achievement award recognizes IBM Champions who stand above their peers for service to the community. Over multiple years, these IBM Champions consistently excel and positively impact the community. They lead by example, are passionate about sharing knowledge, and provide constructive feedback to IBM. The Lifetime Achievement award provides automatic re-nomination into the IBM Champion program for the duration of the program, plus other benefits.

All IBM Champion badges are issued through IBM’s open badge program, which provides an online representation of skills and achievements using the Mozilla Open Badge standard. When someone clicks on an IBM Champion badge, the badge links to metadata (description, skill tags) describing the IBM Champion qualifications along with the process required to earn the badge. This additional level of information helps tell a more complete and compelling story of the IBM Champion’s achievements. For more information on open badges at IBM, refer to the IBM open badge program.

Please note: Becoming an IBM Champion qualifies as an IBM Open Badge offering. You will receive a notification from IBM informing you of your completion or qualification status. IBM will also share your details with Pearson VUE Acclaim, who we have partnered with to assist with administration of the IBM Open Badge program and to issue any badge you have achieved. Your details are shared only for the purpose of issuing IBM open badge credentials and will be treated by Pearson VUE Acclaim in a manner consistent with IBM's policies.